Making Equality
History of Advocacy and Persons with Disabilities in Canada

Deborah Stienstra, Aileen Wight-Felske   (Eds.)

Captus Press, ISBN 978-1-55322-074-9 (2003)
394 pages, 550 g, 6 X 9, $41.50 (US$33.25)

The world often differs from the lessons taught about it in university classrooms. History, and the conclusions drawn from it typically shape the way society deals with the community at large. Healthcare and social service professionals, for example, base their approach to dealing with people with disabilities on a charity model of care popularized in the 1950s.

In order to challenge and offset mainstream society's notions of them, it is important that people with disabilities play a role in documenting, recording and analyzing their own history. Written by and for Canadians with disabilities and their communities, Making Equality: History of Advocacy and Persons with Disabilities in Canada contests attitudes toward disabled people and their participation in Canadian society. It presents as formal knowledge disabled peoples' stories, observations and analyses in an effort to bridge the sizeable knowledge gap faced by educators and professionals.

Making Equality: History of Advocacy and Persons with Disabilities in Canada is suitable as a resource in many fields of study, and as a textbook for history, social science, disability studies and nursing courses, as well as for any course that examines the history of people with disabilities.

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1 Introduction - Making Equality and History
Aileen Wight Felske and Deborah Stienstra

2 Growth and Evolution of Disability Advocacy in Canada
Aldred H. Neufeldt

3 "Listen, Really Listen, to Us" - Consultation, Disabled People and Governments in Canada
Deborah Stienstra

Our Story/Ourselves

4 Lieutenant John Counsell and the Development of Medical Rehabilitation and Disability Policy in Canada
Mary Tremblay

5 Deaf Education and Advocacy - A Short History of the Canadian Association of the Deaf
James Roots

6 We Will Ride - A Showcase of CCD Advocacy Strategies in Support of Accessible Transportation
April D'Aubin

7 From Charity to Equality - Canadians with Disabilities Take Their Rightful Place in Canada's Constitution
Yvonne Peters

8 Development and Transformation of Advocacy in the Disability Movement of Quebec
Norman Boucher, Patrick Fougeyrollas, and Charles Gaucher

9 History Of Advocacy Organizations of the Blind In Canada - Two Stories
Colleen Watters

10 People First - The History and the Dream
Peter Park, Althea Monteiro and Bruce Kappel

11 Steering Your Own Ship - The Growth of Individual Advocacy within the Canadian Association of Independent Living Centres
Cassandra Phillips

12 An Early DAWNing
Joan Meister

13 Stronger Together - Steps Toward a National Mental Health Network
Julie Flatt and Bonnie Pape

14 Mothers of Intention
Melanie Panitch

15 History of Accessibility in Canada from the Advocacy Perspective
Laurie Ringaert

16 Building Partnerships with International Advocacy Groups
Henry Enns

17 History of Advocacy Tool Kit
Aileen Wight Felske




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