New Releases!

Planning to Borrow, Revised Edition
Steven Bang

Whether you are planning to borrow and looking for the best lending options to meet your needs, or you are a financial advisor who has clients that are planning to borrow and asking for strategies that will help them navigate the complex world of consumer credit, this is the resource for you. .... More Info

Industrial Relations, the Economy, and Society, 5e
ohn Godard

Industrial Relations, the Economy, and Society does more than simply inform, it engages, making for lively discussion and ultimately more thoughtful and informed readers. The book contains highly accessible coverage of conventional topic areas, including the.... More Info

Disorders without Borders: Traits, Trials, and Distribution Tails
Luther, Allen, & Franklin (Eds.)

Disorders without Borders: Traits, Trials, and Distribution Tails focuses on investigating typical and atypical human cognitions, perceptions, emotions, and behaviors through...  More Info

Pathways to Inclusion, 3e
John Lord and Peggy Hutchison

Well-researched, with clear dialogue, and interspersed with community stories, Pathways to Inclusion is designed to inspire changes...  More Info

Indigenous Peoples and Resource Development in Canada
Robert Bone and Robert Anderson

Indigenous peoples continue to enlarge their foothold on their traditional lands as well as...  More Info

Internet Learning

Access Internet learning that Captus develops, produces, hosts and supports for many leading educational and professional partners. Take courses for university or professional accreditation, completion of continuing education requirements, and preparation for certification exams. These courses include reliable multimedia lectures with self study progress quizzes and exercises, a rich suite of features enabling you to interact with other participants and instructors, and our approach to course design that enables anyone who can browse the web to successfully complete them. Personal support, available if needed for any participants through a toll free phone call or email, ensures a problem free learning experience.

Captus also works with our partners to produce and host secure online examinations for professional advancement. We deploy and verify all exams, ensure that the correct sign-in protocol is followed, provide intensive support during all examination sittings and safeguard the database of questions and results.

Try our demo or obtain more information on the Internet learning that we host for our partners.

Our Publications and Services
Our mission is to provide informational and educational content in paper and electronic media. Browse our catalogue of innovative textbooks for post secondary education, publications for professionals and the public who need to be informed, and books for the thoughtful reader. Sample our Internet learning resources with extensive multimedia and interactivity. Check new and forthcoming releases for our latest books, journals, software and Internet learning opportunities. You may also submit a publication proposal for our consideration, participate in our online strategic management simulation, or obtain support for any of our products and services.

Below are some of the publication topics in which we specialize:

Indigenous Studies
All-Canadian content for the study and practice of Indigenous economic development and related issues.

Accounting and Finance
Contemporary and accessible books and software for accounting and finance education.

Business and Management
Practical resources to meet today's business and management challenges.

Disability, Health and Social Issues
Resources on health and disability topics for service providers and health professionals

Law and Legal Studies
Authoritative and accurate textbooks that extend across the spectrum of legal disciplines.


Forthcoming   Announcements

These are our upcoming publications, Internet courses and other resources that will be released in the near future.

Personal Finance: Plan, Invest, Enjoy
Wilfred Roesler

Becoming a Certified Financial Planner in Canada: The Get Ready Guide
Alan Goldhar

Towards an African Canadian Art History: Art Memory Resistance
Charmaine Nelson

Introduction to Legal Studies, 6e
Kazmierski, Tasson, et al.

Current Trends and Traditions in Management Accounting Case Analysis, 7e
Gary Spraakman

Risk Management and Insurance, 2e
Coleen Clark

Critical Thinking for Business Students, 3e
Linda Dyer

Personal Financial Planning, 6e
Kwok Ho and Chris Robinson



ATTENTION AUTHORS: Captus Press is now accepting manuscripts in the following subject areas: Indigenous Studies,  Accounting and Finance, Business and Management, Disability Studies and Law. For more information, click here.

Captus Press is very pleased to announce our award winners:

Captus Press George Brown College Financial Planning Achievement Award 2016
Audrey Fox-Revett

Captus Press Bursary for the Seneca College School of Legal and Public Administration
Alexandra Portony

Captus Press Award for Introductory Law Courses recipient at Carleton University for 2016
Aysan Yasani, Bachelor of Arts Honours; Law: Business Law