New Venture and Small Business Management

Jon Kerr

The study of new venture and small business management that you are about to undertake will develop your awareness of what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur and allow you to identify needed areas of development. The course will also allow you to become acquainted with strategic issues facing new ventures and related expertise in the functional areas of marketing, finance and operations.


Multimedia Internet Content Includes:

Over 1,000 presentation slides, synchronized with 18 hours of audio, covering all aspects of small business start-up and operations, from the initial entrepreneurial decision that the owner must make to maintaining successful operations in the long term
Reading succinct lecture highlights and completing progress quizzes at the end of each section
Exploring a selection of Internet links, containing information and resources for the Entrepreneur
Completing interactive assignments on-line
Participating in Discussion Group to share information, discuss course content, and answer questions posed by the instructor
Downloading and operating a challenging business simulation as a self-paced, experiential exercise