Introduction to Management Accounting

John Parkinson

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This multimedia Internet course introduces students to basic concepts of management accounting. Students are expected to have completed an introductory financial accounting course, as Introduction to Management Accounting builds upon elementary components, such as financial statements. In addition, an understanding of algebra at the high school level is required.

Management accounting employs financial accounting information; more specifically, it uses this operational information to assess the performance of an organization. In terms of management accounting, operational information is generally regarded as more important than financial accounting information.

This course focuses on management accounting techniques, and thus, is valuable for students wanting to become accountants. However, Introduction to Management Accounting is also extremely useful for aspiring managers and professionals where decision-making, planning and controlling activities are among some of the responsibilities. By completing numerical and application questions, students are given the chance to implement the knowledge acquired from the material presented.

The Internet Course Includes:

bullet Approximately 14 hours of Professor John Parkinson's Multimedia Lectures with audio and illustrative graphics.
bullet Reading Lecture Highlights.
bullet Using the Course Kit Online.
bullet Using the Study Guide Online. (You don't need to purchase a printed copy.)
bullet Doing Interactive Assignments and Progress Quizzes Online.
bullet Downloading Lecture PowerPoints for easy Note taking
bullet Participating in a Discussion Group with Other Students and an Instructor to Earn Participation Grades,
bullet Share Information and Discuss Course Content.
bullet Email Access to a Instructor for Individual Counselling.