Corporate Finance

Lois King

The financial services industry employs hundreds of thousands of people. There are numerous job opportunities in this field. Non-financial companies require financial management to control and allocate the use of its capital. Even in other functional areas such as marketing and human resources management managers will inevitably be required to make decisions that have financial implications. This learning content provides students with the basic tools needed to function and succeed in the complex world of commerce.

The multimedia lectures and self help quizzes begin with what is involved in the study of finance, particularly corporate finance. They examine how the finance role appears in the typical firm. The Financial goals of a firm, and how human nature can cause deviations from these goals is explored. Subsequently, time value of money and the mathematics of investment are covered. This provides the basic foundation from which the concepts of valuation and capital budgeting are built.

This comprehensive content then proceeds to cover the following topics:

  • risk and return

  • leverage

  • capital structure

  • dividends

  • issuance of securities

  • the management of working capital

  • current assets

  • current liabilities.