Critical Thinking

Jennifer McRobert

"Critical Thinking" is authored by Jennifer McRobert of Acadia University. The guiding assumption of this course is that not all information is created equal. Through sixteen hours of illustrated audio lectures and interactive exercises, Professor McRobert explains Critical Thinking and gives students experience in its practice. Particpants in this course will learn how to approach information critically and discriminate in a principled way between opinions.

The skills acquired will be useful to students who wish to produce well-reasoned oral and written work of their own in any area. In addition, emphasis on the development of critical skills in real-life contexts means that skills learned in this course will be useful in any program of study or career, in everyday commercial, political, and social decisions, and in just about every situation in which new information is encountered.

Multimedia Internet Course Features:

bullet Listening & viewing Professor McRobert ís online lectures
bullet Presentation graphics synchronized with 12 hours of audio 
bullet Reading concise lecture highlights & completing progress quizzes at the end of each section
bullet Completing interactive assignments on-line
bullet Relevant Internet links
bullet Participating in Discussion Groups to share information and discuss course content