Business Law in Canada

Multimedia Learning by Laurence Olivo

This interactive internet content is designed to provide an introduction to law from a business perspective.

It consists of four parts:

The first part covers the structure and function of the Canadian legal system; topics include the sources of law, the courts and alternative dispute settlement systems, the legal profession and the use of lawyers.

The second and third parts centre on the basic building blocks of law of most relevance to business and commerce, the law of torts and the law of contracts. Tort law covers intentional and unintentional torts, remedies and defences. Contract law covers the basic requirements for valid and enforceable contracts, remedies and defences.

Part four is an introduction to business organizations with a overview corporations, partnerships and sole proprietorships, as well as more detailed material on agency and partnerships

Multimedia Internet Content Includes:

Listening & viewing Professor Olivo ís online lectures
Reading succinct lecture highlights and completing progress quizzes at the end of each section
Participating in Discussion Group to share information, discuss course content, and answer questions posed by the instructor
much more..