Aboriginal Entrepreneurship and Business Development

Multimedia Learning by Robert Brent Anderson

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Entrepreneurship and new venture creation signify a response to the emerging needs systemic of a continuously changing world. This learning resource positions Aboriginal entrepreneurship within the context of entrepreneurship at large. Anderson begins by addressing the nature of new business creations, questioning its methods, and discussing the skills and abilities required to successfully begin and continue operating a new venture. Essentially, Anderson attempts to identify what Aboriginal people expect to gain from entrepreneurship and how the practices of business development can be shaped to suit the needs and circumstances of Aboriginal people in Canada.

This learning material consists of 12 major units, which comprise a total of 16 hours of rich multimedia. These lectures also consider two major aspects of entrepreneurship: opportunity identification, and the management tools and techniques necessary to create and operate successful new venture.

Topics include:

the role and process of entrepreneurship in the economy and in economic development
the business plan–creating and understanding the business planning process
the forms of business organization (joint ventures and development corporations, for example, which play an important part in Aboriginal economic development)
marketing and financial accounting
financial planning, sources of finance, and financial management
human resource planning and management, budgeting and control

Throughout the lectures, selected cases are discussed, thereby, providing insight into an Aboriginal perspective. In addition, there are exercises to facilitate the understanding of management skills needed to ensure the success of a venture.

Multimedia Internet Content Includes:

Hundreds of presentation slides, synchronized with 16 hours of audio.
Reading succinct lecture highlights and completing progress quizzes at the end of each section
Exploring a selection of Internet links, containing information and resources for the Entrepreneur
Completing interactive assignments on-line
Participating in Discussion Group to share information, discuss course content, and answer questions posed by the instructor