Essay Writing Strategies, 3e

Tom Greenwald     

Captus Press, ISBN 978-1-55322-174-6 (2008)
126 pages, 250 g, 7 X 10, $13.50 (US$13.50)

Essay Writing Strategies, 3e offers a straightforward approach for undergraduate students who wish to write effective and persuasive essays. The importance of both "pre-writing" and revision skills are highlighted, as well as thinking and writing strategies that help students throughout the writing process.

The updated format and easy to use style of this edition makes it effective for users at different knowledge levels.

Maintaining the standard features of earlier editions, Essay Writing Strategies, 3e is divided into four main sections which include Starting Out, Generating and Planning, Gathering and Drafting, and Revising and Monitoring.

This text will be an ideal tool for instructors seeking a simple approach to enhancing their students’ writing skills.

Key features

  • Grammar and Style tip sheets and checklists
  • Strategies for developing a controlling sentence, troubleshooting & acknowledging the opposition
  • Insights into writing compelling introductions and concluding paragraphs

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Introduction: The Writing Process

Chapter 1: Starting Out

Strategy: Take Inventory of What You Know about the Subject
Strategy: Find a Key Question
Strategy: Pose an Hypothesis
Strategy: Do a PMI
Strategy: Take Time to Define the Reader's Needs

Chapter 2: Generating and Planning

Strategy: Brainstorming
Strategy: Freewriting
Strategy: Plan What and Plan How
Strategy: View Your Topic from Different Perspectives
Strategy: Play Devil's Advocate

Chapter 3: Gathering and Drafting

Strategy: Be an Active Reader
Strategy: Use a Variety of Note-Taking Techniques
Strategy: Develop a Controlling Sentence
Strategy: Make Use of a Tree Outline in Planning Your Draft
Strategy: Troubleshooting: "The main problem that I am having right now is..."
Strategy: Let the Early Drafts Help You Discover Ideas
Strategy: Acknowledging the Opposition

Chapter 4: Revising and Monitoring

Strategy: Before Starting the Second Draft, Evaluate the First
Strategy: "So What?"
Strategy: Create a Revision Plan
Strategy: Keep a Writer's Log
Strategy: Make Use of a Writing Process Partner
Strategy: Peer Questions for Revision
Strategy: Pay Attention to the Audience's Response
Strategy: The Concluding Paragraphs
Strategy: Introductory Paragraphs
Strategy: Revision Checklist

Grammar and Style Tips
Other Helpful Books
Appendix: Checklist Collection

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Tom Greenwald has taught at York in the Centre for Academic Writing, formerly the Writing Workshop, since 1969. He started as a teaching assistant, became a full-time Faculty member in 1972, and received tenure in 1986. He currently is Director of the Centre for Academic Writing. Since 1972, he has taught a College Course, Losing It at the Movies, at Founders College. Losing It at the Movies is a course about film and film criticism which stresses writing and critical thinking. From 1990 to 1995, he was the Coordinator of Vanier's Critical Skills Programme, and became a Fellow of Vanier in 1991. His primary area of academic interest is teaching and writing pedagogy. He is an avid fan of music, with a special interest in the music of Brazil, though other favouites include Gabriel Faure, Pat Metheny, and My Bloody Valentine. He and his partner, Lynn have two daughters, Eliza, who is five-years old, and Eve, who is ten-years old.