Legal Framework of Business Enterprises, The, 4e
Canadian Legal Studies Series

Lynn Campbell    (Ed.)

Captus Press, ISBN 978-1-55322-167-8 (2007)
460 pages, 1080 g, 8.5 X 11, $54.75 (US$43.75)

The Legal Framework of Business Enterprises, 4e is an introductory study of the legal consequences of selected business structures. The fourth edition includes new and updated articles, notes, cases, and legislative excerpts relating to various methods of conducting economic activity. This edition also contains economic forms dealing with proprietorship, partnership, private sector corporations and crown corporations. The materials focus on important identity characteristics of each form and their related consequences. Additionally, a multidisciplinary approach is employed, giving administrative studies or law students diverse viewpoints of the field. This text is ideal for instructors, students or practitioners in the areas of business law, management or ethics.

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Note to Students


1 Introduction
(a) The Personality of Associations Harold J. Laski
(b) Enterprise Corporatism: New Industrial Policy and the ‘Essence’ of the Legal Person Gunther Teubner
(c) Methods of Carrying on Business Donald C. Ross

Identity: Individual v. Group

2 Sole Proprietorship
(a) Contracts of Adhesion — Some Thoughts About Freedom of Contract Friedrich Kessler
(b) Non-Contractual Relations in Business: A Preliminary Study Stewart Macaulay

3 Partnership
(a) Corporations (With a Glance at Lending and Bankruptcy) Richard A. Posner
(b) The [Ontario] Partnerships Act, ss. 1–5
(c) Hofer v. Hofer
(d) B. (W.R.) v. Plint
(e) Ross v. Canadian Bank of Commerce
(f) Re Thorne and New Brunswick Workmen’s Compensation Board
(g) I Wessell v. MNR
(h) Hughes v. Page
(i) Scragg v. Lotzkar

4 Partnership Management
(a) The [Ontario] Partnerships Act, ss. 6–19
(b) Lampert Plumbing (Danforth) Ltd. v. Agathos
(c) Westfair Foods Ltd. v. Coopers & Lybrand
(d) Kent v. Oliver
(e) Lafrentz v. M & L Leasing
(f) Davey v. Woolley et al.
(g) Cosway v. McInnes Cooper & Robertson
(h) The [Ontario] Partnerships Act, ss. 20–31
(i) Kelly v. Kelly
(j) Davis v. Ouellette
(k) Rochwerg v. Truster

5 Dissolution of Partnership
(a) The [Ontario] Partnerships Act, ss. 32–45
(b) In Re Yenidje Tobacco Company, Limited.
(c) Bank of Montreal v. Sprackman
(d) Antman v. Feldstein
(e) Basham v. Harbottle
(f) Steingarten v. Burke

6 Limited Partnership
(a) The [Ontario] Limited Partnerships Act, ss. 2–16
(b) Limited Partnership Larry E. Ribstein
(c) Haughton Graphic Ltd. v. Zivot
(d) Nordile Holdings Ltd. v. Breckenridge
(e) Stillwater Forest Inc. v. Clearwater Forest Products Ltd.

Corporate Identity

7 Interdisciplinary Study
(a) Definition and Theory in Jurisprudence H.L.A. Hart
(b) Corporations (With a Glance at Lending and Bankruptcy) Richard Posner
(c) Corporate Social Responsibility: What It Might Mean, If It Were Really to Matter Christopher D. Stone
(d) Corporate Social Responsibility J. Anthony VanDuzer
(e) Corporate Nature versus Human Nature? Lawrence E. Mitchell
(f) The Corporate Constitution Bruce Welling

8 Separate Personality
(a) Canada Business Corporations Act, ss. 2, 5–9
(b) Salomon v. Salomon & Co.; Salomon & Co. v. Salomon
(c) Lee v. Lee’s Air Farming Ltd.
(d) Macaura v. Northern Assurance Co.
(e) Goldman, Sachs & Co. v. Sessions
(f) Noel Developments Ltd. v. Metro-Can Construction (HS) Ltd.

9 Preliminary Concerns of Corporate Identity
(a) Erlanger v. New Sombrero Phosphate Company
(b) Gluckstein v. Barnes
(c) Canada Business Corporations Act, ss. 14–15
(d) Pre-Incorporation Contracts: Common Law Confusion and Statutory Complexity A.J. Easson and D.A. Soberman
(e) Westcom Radio Group Ltd. v. MacIsaac
(f) Sherwood Design Services Inc. v. 872935 Ontario Ltd.
(g) 1080409 Ontario Ltd. v. Hunter
(h) Design Home Associates v. Raviv

10 Disregarding Corporate Identity
(a) Corporations (With a Glance at Lending and Bankruptcy) Richard A. Posner
(b) An Economic Analysis of Limited Liability in Corporation Law Paul Halpern, Michael Trebilcock and Stuart Turnbull
(c) Kosmopoulos v. Constitution Insurance Co.
(d) Lockharts Ltd. v. Excalibur Holdings Ltd.
(e) Smith, Stone and Knight v. Birmingham Corpn.
(f) Transamerica Life Insurance Co. of Canada v. Canada Life Assurance Co.
(g) D.H.N. Ltd. v. Tower Hamlets
(h) De Salaberry Realties Ltd. v. M.N.R.
(i) The Bankruptcy of Olympia & York Developments Limited
(j) Nedco Ltd. v. Clark et al.
(k) Rockwell Developments Ltd. v. Newtonbrook Plaza Ltd.
(l) Clarkson Co. Ltd. v. Zhelka et al.
(m) Walkovsky v. Carlton
(n) Arnold v. Phillips
(o) Canadian Deposit Insurance Corp. v. Canadian Commercial Bank
(p) Rohani v. Rohani
(q) Wildman v. Wildman

11 Criminal Responsibility of Corporations
(a) Lennard’s Carrying Company, Limited v. Asiatic Petroleum Company Limited
(b) History and Growth of the Corporation Laureen Snider
(c) Corporate Criminal Liability R.L. Campbell
(d) The Assessment of Corporate Criminal Liability on the Basis of Corporate Identity: An Analysis Jennifer A. Quaid
(e) The Invisible Friend: Investors Are Irresponsible Harry Glasbeek
(f) Extending Corporate Criminal Liability?: Some Thoughts on Bill C-45 Darcy L. Macpherson
(g) R. v. Forges du Lac Inc.
(h) R. v. Waterloo Mercury Sales Ltd.
(i) R. v. P.G. Marketplace & McIntosh
(j) R. v. Safety-Kleen Canada Inc.
(k) R. v. Ontario Power Generation

12 Dissolution of the Corporate Entity
(a) Canada Business Corporations Act, ss. 213–214
(b) Re Bondi Bananas et al.
(c) In re Westbourne Galleries
(d) Re Rogers and Agincourt Holdings Ltd.
(e) Dia-Kas Inc. v. Virani
(f) Munday (E.C.) Ltd. v. Canada Safeway Ltd.

13 Crown Corporations
(a) Conquering Distance Graham Taylor
(b) Crown Corporations as Instruments of Public Policy: A Legal and Institutional Perspective Elaine Kirsch
(c) Bill C-2: The Federal Accountability Act —Legislative Summary
(d) Crown Corporations and Co-operatives as Coping Mechanisms in Regional Economic Development Murray D. Rice and Darren C. Lavoie
(e) Canada v. Nova Scotia Power Inc.
(f) R. v. Uranium Canada Ltd.

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R. Lynn Campbell, LL.B. (Western), LL.M. (London), of the Bar of Ontario, JD (Western), is currently a Professor in the Department of Law at Carleton University. He teaches business enterprise frameworks and legal issues in electronic commerce. His current research includes the fiduciary duties of a director, and internet commercial and privacy issues.