The Strategic Challenge
From Serfdom to Surfing in the Global Village

Charles McMillan     

Captus Press, ISBN 978-1-55322-136-4 (2007)
568 pages, 1010 g, 7 X 10, $68.25 (US$54.50)

The Strategic Challenge: From Serfdom to Surfing in the Global Village is the study of global business, drawn from the best-practice companies in Europe, South Korea, and North America. Supported by cases that provide readers with insights into international best practice companies, the text offers an in-depth examination of globalization and its impact on national economies: the driving factors of the global economy, the power of government and public policies, as well as growth strategies and the structure of international management.

It is not only an ideal textbook for Business, MBA and Executive MBA programs but also a valuable resource for individuals engaged in international business and management.

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Part I: Introduction to Globalization
1. Management: The Strategic Challenge of Global Business

Part II: The Global Drivers: Invisible Continents, Seamless Economic

2. Global Finance and Electronic Wallets
3. Technology, BlackBerrys, and Consumer Empowerment
4. Global Trade and Village Markets

Part III: Managing Transitions: Countries and Industries
5. Global Business and Transition Economies
6. Transforming Industries and Growth Strategies

Part IV: Managing Organization Success: Global Tools and Strategies
7. Corporate Strategy: Organizational Health or Decay
8. Corporate Technology and Innovation
9. Corporate Training and Human Capital
10.Corporate Treasury and Institutional Governance

Part V: Globalization and its Critics
11. Managing Corporate Conflicts: Stakeholders vs. Customers
12. Globalization and the General Manager

Part VI: Appendices
Appendix 1: Case Analysis — Presentation Hints for Students
Appendix 2: Global Business — Library and Data Sources
Appendix 3: Export Planning and Business Plans
Appendix 4: Demography and Global Business


Part VII: Cases
High River Gold — Russia
Hyundai Group
The IKEA Company
India’s Software Industry
Eastman Kodak Co.
Oxford University
Lenovo Group Ltd.
Jimmy Pattison
Partner Healthcare System
Saputo: Canada’s Nestle Corporation
Over the Counter E-Commerce
Can Anything Stop Toyota?

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Charles J. McMillan, Professor of Strategic Management, Schulich School of Business, is the author of nine books and monographs related to international business and global management, including the Japanese Industrial System (published in English, Japanese, Malaysian and Russian) and Focusing on the Future: The New Atlantic Revolution, issued by the Council of Atlantic Premiers. He has written and lectured extensively on globalization, international strategic planning, corporate governance, international financial reform, technology policy, and industrial restructuring. His articles and papers appear in prestigious publications such as The Business Quarterly, Canadian Public Policy, The New York Times and the Central Asia Post.

Dr. McMillan has been a visiting professor in Britain, France, Poland, Kyrgyzstan, Argentina, and Japan. Active in public affairs, he has served as Senior Policy Advisor to the Prime Minister of Canada. In 2003, he was re-appointed to the Board of the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada. He has worked extensively with various national and provincial governments, and financial institutions across Canada as well as multinational and international organizations around the world.