Dimock Series of Books on Groups
Dimock Series on Groups

Hedley Dimock, Irene Devine, Raye Kass   

Captus Press, ISBN N/A; Series001 (1992-2004)
    6 X 9, $N/A (US$999.00)

An invaluable and attractively-priced supplementary resource for courses examining groups in diverse fields including business and management, education, health services, recreation, and community development. Also a practical tool for business and organizational behaviour courses where students form groups to do case studies, simulations and class presentations.

The titles in this series are published under the Captus Press imprint and are all under $13.00 (US$13.00) each. They present key topics on the essential elements of group dynamics in accessible volumes including:

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Dr. Hedley Dimock is the Director of the Centre for Human Resource Development, an independent consulting and research organization located in Puslinch, Ontario. He is also an adjunct professor at the University of Guelph, and has served on the faculties of eight other universities in Canada and the U.S., including McGill, Columbia, Toronto, and Concordia. Dr. Dimock has experience in recreational, educational, health service and community work settings and has worked with over 300 organizations across Canada. He has published extensively and five of his books have been published in Japanese.

With extensive experience in gender dynamics, Dr. Irene Devine joined Dr. Dimock to co-author the new editions of Making Workgroups Effective, Training for Planned Change and Managing Dynamic Groups, adding a fresh new dimension to the series. Dr. Devine is a member and Acting Dean of the Faculty of Business at Ryerson Polytechnic University and was formerly Associate Dean in the Faculty of Commerce and Administration at Concordia University. She has also consulted with a variety of private and public organizations in Canada and the U.S., has taught courses on gender dynamics in France, Austria, and India, and has published articles in the area of women in organizations.

Dr. Raye Kass is an Associate Professor of Applied Human Sciences and a Program Director of the Centre for Human Relations and Community Studies at Concordia University, Montreal. As a consultant and trainer she has led over 1,000 workshops in leadership training, communication skills, team building, problem-solving and conflict management. Her consulting has taken her to the U.S., Europe and Asia with special programs in Lausanne, London, Manila, Moscow, Singapore, Strasbourg and Toulouse.  She is the author of the book Theories of Small Group Development, now in the revised version of the 3rd edition [2006].

Dr Kass was Principal Investigator of two space simulation missions: the 1994 CAPSULS mission held in Canada; and the 240 day space simulation SFINCSS held in Russia in 1999-2000. Both these projects examined the psychological problems of living and working in an orbiting space station with an international multicultural crew. The project involved providing team building and team talk sessions that would equip crew to deal with problems arising from long term isolation in close quarters. Dr Kass is currently involved on a project with NASA-Ames Research Centre. This project will examine the efficacy of various training approaches with multi-cultural and gender-mixed teams to counteract team dysfunction. Results from this study will serve as a test bed for similar activities to be performed for the New International Space Station.