Resort: A Strategic Management Simulation, 4e

Randy Hoffman, Dirk K. Becker, Jennifer Wong   

Captus Press, ISBN 1-55322-087-0 (2004)
108 pages, 280 g, 8.5 X 11, $29.50 (US$29.50)

A dynamic, Internet-based business simulation for students in the fields of business, management or tourism and for courses in strategic management, marketing, and entrepreneurship.

Resort is a dynamic computer-based interactive exercise for advanced students in the field of administration, commerce, business, or management training. The Resort Simulation is Internet-based, freeing instructors from having to mount and run the simulation software locally.

With Resort, students learn business planning through practice in a competitive environment. Participants form groups that select and manage a resort hotel in a Northern Ontario setting that directly competes with two other hotels in their "economy." They formulate competitive strategies in marketing and operations planning, and financial manoeuvres such as acquiring debt, takeovers, bankruptcies, and share issues. Students in strategic management, marketing, and entrepreneurial courses will learn to use economic scenarios, optimization studies, and sensitivity analyses through the comprehensive planning spreadsheets that accompany the Simulation Manual.

The accompanying manual provides direction for the student and instructor. It gives a general description of the simulation, and explains company and finance structure. Other topics include: marketing and sales; net operating profit or loss; financial investment opportunities; bankruptcies; and takeovers.

* Available for class sizes of 30 or more students.

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