Between Public and Private
Readings and Cases on Canada's Mixed Economy

Diane Jurkowski, George Eaton   (Eds.)

Captus Press, ISBN 978-1-55322-059-6 (2003)
550 pages, 960 g, 7 X 10, $46.75 (US$37.50)

Ideal as a primary or supplementary text for introductory level management and business environment courses.

The purpose of this book is to give readers a better understanding of the relationships between business and government. In Canada, more than ever, government affairs and business practices are intrinsically linked and have become the focus of many current discussions and analyses. The book contains a selection of readings that frame how the public and private sectors interface, as well as numerous cases covering timely and hotly-debated issues that illustrate the tenuous relationships that can exist between these two sectors.

Some of the issues covered include:

  • Is the privatization of Highway 407 in the Greater Toronto Area a success?
  • The pros and cons of the partnership between the public and private sectors in the expansion, development and management of Pearson International Airport.
  • Will the lobbying efforts on behalf of struggling Canadian farmers work?
  • Can Air Canada, as a monopoly, go bankrupt?
  • The evolution of the federal government's regional industrial policies.
  • Private health care, a strategic alternative?
  • The dilemma facing the city of Toronto's solid waste management.
  • The dispute between Canada and the United States over softwood lumber.

The book is suitable for introductory level political science, management and industrial relations courses. It provides students with not only a theoretical framework, but also with current and relevant cases for many stimulating and enthused discussions.

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Introduction to Part I
The Structure of the Canadian Government

Liberal Democracy and Its Ideological Underpinnings From Laissez-faire to the Welfare State and Beyond? George E. Eaton

Introduction to Legal Studies- Law as a Concept and System Laurence M. Olivo

Systems of Law in Canada Laurence M. Olivo

Sources of Law Laurence M. Olivo

Types of Law Laurence M. Olivo

Summary of Constitutional Events Janice E. Nicholson and Diane Jurkowski

The Constitutional Timeline of Canada Diane Jurkowski and Janice E. Nicholson

Understanding the Canadian Parliamentary Government George E. Eaton

Public Administration and Business Administration Inter-relationships and Tensions George E. Eaton

The Case for a "Triple E" Senate Howard McConnell

Public Sector Restructuring Eight Minor Details D. Wayne Taylor

A Comparison of Public and Private Sector Restructuring Their Impact on Job Satisfaction Tom Wesson and David Barrows

Role of Interest Groups in Influencing Public Policy in Canada W.T. Stanbury and Sean Moore

Introduction to Part II
Cases and Articles of Government Intervention

Representative Government and the Provision of Public Goods Janice E. Nicholson

Pension Fund Capitalism - The Latest Stage in the Evolution of Capitalism Issues of Governance and Accountability George E. Eaton

A General Model of Government Intervention Randy G. Hoffman 302 Myths and the Canadian Health Care System Janice Nicholson

The Medical Centre Strategic Alternatives for a Private Health Care Provider Randy G. Hoffman and Diane Jurkowski

The Book Publishing Industry Development Program An Evaluation Department of Canadian Heritage

Federal Government's Industrial Strategy to Regional Economic Disparities An Historical Overview Diane Jurkowski

Cultivating Cash How to Grow a Farming Business in Canada Andrew Sutherland 400

Privitization of Pearson International Airport Diane Jurkowski

Privatization of Highway 407 Diane Jurkowski

Commercialization of the Liquor Control Board of Ontario Diane Jurkowski

Solid Waste Management in Toronto Diane Jurkowski

The Stakes of the Canadian Airline Industry Diane Jurkowski

The Canada - U.S. Softwood Lumber Trade Dispute Randy G. Hoffman

Canadian Provinces, US States and North American Integration Bench Warmers or Key Players? Stephen de Boer

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