The New Public Management
International Developments

David Barrows, H. Ian MacDonald   (Eds.)

Captus Press, ISBN 978-1-896691-95-4 (2000)
240 pages, 350 g, 6 X 9, $32.50 (US$26.00)

The New Public Management: International Development is a must-read for academics and public officials from around the world who want to learn about some of the most exciting new directions and experiments in public sector reform, as well as their implications for the delivery of public services in the new millennium. Some of the issues covered in the book include: public sector restructuring around the world, successful public/private partnership models, managing public sector entrepreneurship, and the 'downside of downsizing.'

The book also discusses private sector opportunities, most notably in the areas of program delivery, outsourcing, and auditing. Another important issue that The New Public Management addresses is the impact of public sector restructuring on employee morale. The book also examines the notion of a customer, client, and citizen and, in the process, redefines 'the public.'

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The York-CGA (Ontario) International Business Research Program
Thomas H. Beechy

H. Ian Macdonald

Tom Wesson

Customer-Centred Government: Government from the Outside In
Art Daniels

Information Age Governance: Just the Start of Something Big?
Jerry Mechling

Accounting and Public Management: Canadian and International Developments
Erik Peters

The Downside of Downsizing: Bureaucratic Representation in Capitalist Democracies
H.T. Wilson

European Union Policies Towards Services of General Interest: Within the Framework of Public Management
Peter Eichhorn and Dorothea Greiling

Public Sector Restructuring: Eight Minor Details
D. Wayne Taylor

Some Reflections on the (Un)Scientific Nature of the New Public Management
Wayne Petrozzi

A Comparison of Public and Private Sector Restructuring: Their Impact on Job Satisfaction
Tom Wesson and David Barrows

New Public Management, Canadian Style
Sandford Borins

International Developments in the New Public Management: A European Perspective
Paolo Rondo-Brovetto

Concluding Thoughts and Future Directions
David Barrows and H. Ian Macdonald

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