Industrial Relations, The Economy and Society, 5e

John Godard     

Captus Press, ISBN 978-1-55322-359-7 (2017)
520 pages, 850 g, 6.875 X 9.75, $64.50 (US$51.75)

An excellent text for students of industrial relations, sociology, labour studies, economics and management programs.

Industrial Relations, the Economy, and Society does more than simply inform, it engages, making for lively discussion and ultimately more thoughtful and informed readers. The book contains highly accessible coverage of conventional topic areas, including the history of industrial relations, contemporary employer practices, labour unions, labour law, collective bargaining, and contract administration. Yet it also includes coverage of broader economic and social issues relevant to the study of labour and employment relations in both the union and non-union sectors.

A leading textbook in industrial relations at the university level, this book is valuable both as a primary and as a supplementary text for students of industrial relations, sociology, labour studies, economics, and management programs. An internationally regarded academic who has maintained a strong commitment to the quality of undergraduate as well as graduate education, John Godard has written the book so as to be conducive to effective teaching without sacrificing academic and intellectual content. To maximize teaching flexibility, each chapter is complete by itself and can be taught individually without affecting the reader's ability to understand subsequent chapters. This enables instructors to select contents that they consider most suited to their course.

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  1. Foundations: Concepts, Issues, and Debates

  2. The Broader Debate: The Theses on the Nature and Development of Industrial Relations

  3. Understanding Labour-Management Relations

  4. Work and Industrial Relations in Historical Perspective

  5. Contemporary Management Practices

  6. Understanding and Explaining Management

  7. Labour Unions as Institutions

  8. Labour Unions as Organizations

  9. The Role of the State

  10. Understanding the State

  11. Labour Law: The Regulation of Labour-Management Relations

  12. Collective Bargaining: Structure, Process, and Outcomes

  13. Strikes and Dispute Resolution

  14. The Grievance and Grievance Arbitration Processes

  15. The Collective Agreement: Content and Issues

  16. Contemporary Problems, Challenges, and Alternatives

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John Godard holds a B.Comm. (Hons.) and an MBA from the University of Manitoba, and a PhD in industrial relations from Cornell University. His work focuses on the nature and institutions of the employment relation, employer practices and the organization of work, and cross-national variation in both of these areas. Professor Godard’s work has been widely published, appearing in a number of edited books and in leading journals in Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom. He has served as the chief editor of the British Journal of Industrial Relations (2012–2017) and as president of the Canadian Industrial Relations Association (2004–2005). He is currently a professor at the Asper School of Business of the University of Manitoba.