Introduction to Public Law: Readings on the Law, State & Constitution
Canadian Legal Studies Series

Nick E. Milanovic    (Ed.)

Captus Press Inc., ISBN 978-1-55322-335-1 (2015)
346 pages, 830 g, 8.5 X 11, $45.50 (US$36.50)

Introduction to Public Law: Readings on the Law, State, and Constitution provides an introduction to Canadian public law, with special emphasis on the role of the courts. This volume focuses on the main aspects of the Canadian federal system and constitutional reform. It contains extracts from constitutional documents, cases, and articles, together with topic introductions, referenced background commentary, and a chapter-keyed bibliography.

This volume retains the most important materials from Introduction to Public Law: Sourcebook, 7e, and adds new materials on developing subjects such as Supreme Court appointments, Senate Reform, Quebec Secession, and extracts from cases such as Canada (Prime Minister) v. Khadr and Reference re Securities Act.

Both volumes are suitable for students in introductory public law or political science courses.

Key Features


This text is easily adaptable to any course length and level. Many of the chapters allow for continuity even when not used in exact order.

User friendly

The language and format of the text is easily read and understood. With notes at the start of each chapter to assist in contextualizing and identifying critical learning points.

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List of Abbreviations


I Law and Public Law


1 Elements of Public Law

(a) Public Law, the State, and the Courts  David W. Elliott

(b) Citizenship and National Identity  Jürgen Habermas


II The Constitution


2 Elements of the Constitution

(a) Introduction  David W. Elliott

(b) The Constitution of Canada

(c) The Constitution and Underlying Principles: Quebec Secession Reference

(d) Unwritten Constitutional Principles: What is Going On?  Beverley McLachlin, C.J.C., P.C.

(e) Democracy  Paul Johnston and T.C. Pocklington

(f) Responsible Government  David W. Elliott


III The Constitution Act, 1867


3 Origins and Structure of the Constitution Act, 1867

(a) Introduction  David W. Elliott

(b) Federalism: Quebec Secession Reference

(c) The Framework of Unity  Edgar McInnis

(d) Confederation and After: Quebec Secession Reference

(e) The Constitution Act, 1867: Division of Powers

(f) Under the Confederation Windows  Christopher Moore

(g) Canadian Federalism, the Privy Council and the Supreme Court: Reflections on the Debate About Canadian Federalism  Peter W. Hogg and Wade K. Wright


4 The Judiciary

(a) Introduction  David W. Elliott

(b) Aspects of the Judiciary  David W. Elliott

(c) Edwards

(d) Provincial Court Judges Reference

(e) Imperial Tobacco

(f) Reference re Supreme Court Act, ss. 5 and 6


5 The Judicial Committee of the Privy Council and Early Federalism

(a) Introduction  David W. Elliott

(b) Key Early Decisions

(i) Citizens Insurance

(ii) Russell

(iii) Local Prohibition Reference

(c) Haldane Era  David W. Elliott

(d) Employment and Social Insurance Act Reference

(e) Pattern?  David W. Elliott

(f) Postscript  David W. Elliott


6 Supreme Court of Canada: POGG & Trade and Commerce

(a) Introduction  David W. Elliott

(b) Anti-Inflation Act Reference

(c) Crown Zellerbach

(d) General Motors

(e) The Commerce Power  Erwin Chemerinsky

(f) Reference re Securities Act


7 Overlap and Cooperative Federalism

(a) Introduction  David W. Elliott

(b) From Watertight Compartments to Shared Responsibility  Patrick Monahan, Lynda Covello and Nicola Smith

(c) Federal–Provincial Financial Arrangements  David W. Elliott

(d) Social Union Agreement

(e) The Constitution and Health Care  Howard Leeson

(f) Chaoulli

(g) The Kyoto Protocol and the Constitution  Philip Barton


8 The Legislative and Executive Branches

(a) Introduction  David W. Elliott

(b) House of Commons Procedure and Practice  Audrey O'Brien and Marc Bosc

(c) The Canadian Legislature  Ronald G. Landes

(d) Electoral Reform?  David W. Elliott

(e) Executive Authority  R.I. Cheffins and P.A. Johnson

 (f) Canada (Prime Minister) v. Khadr

(g) Gomery Reports


IV Constitution Act, 1982 and After


9 Origins and Structure of the Constitution Act, 1982

(a) Introduction  David W. Elliott

(b) Road to Reform  David W. Elliott

(c) Re Amendment of Constitution of Canada.

(d) General Structure of 1982 Package  David W. Elliott

(e) Canada Act, 1982

(f) Constitution Act, 1982

(g) A New World  Alan C. Cairns


10 Specific Aspects of the Constitution Act, 1982

(a) Introduction  David W. Elliott

(b) Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms  David W. Elliott

(c) Aboriginal Provisions  David W. Elliott

(d) Amending Procedures  David W. Elliott

(e) Reference re Senate Reform

(f) Constitutional Amendments Act


11 Formal and Informal Constitutional Changes

(a) Introduction  David W. Elliott

(b) Aboriginal Changes  David W. Elliott

(c) Journey of Disappointment  David W. Elliott

(d) Barriers to Constitutional Renewal in Canada: The Role of Constitutional Culture  Alan C. Cairns

(e) Charlottetown Accord Draft Legal Text

(f) Memoirs 1939–1993  Brian Mulroney

(g) Informal Changes  David W. Elliott

(h) Distinct Society and Nationhood Resolutions

(i) Incrementalism  Roger Gibbins and Katherine Harmsworth


12 Secession, Unity, and the Future

(a) Introduction  David W. Elliott

(b) From Referendum to Reference  David W. Elliott

(c) 1995 Referendum Question and Quebec Bill 1

(d) Quebec Secession Reference

(e) Master of the Game: Jacques Parizeau  Chantal Hébert with Jean Lapierre

(f) Clarity Act

(g) Constitutional Reform and the Future  David W. Elliott



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