Current Trends and Traditions, 6e
in Management Accounting Case Analysis

Gary Spraakman     

Captus Press, ISBN 978-1-55322-323-8 (2015)
160 pages, 400 g, 8.5 X 11, $23.50 (US$23.50)

A supplementary text for intermediate management accounting courses and management control systems.

Current Trends, 6e builds on the concepts of earlier editions to provide intermediate management accounting courses with a selection of contemporary cases and approaches from various industries, including traditional manufacturing, retail, restaurants, natural resources, government and nonprofit sectors.

This collection of cases allows students to apply their knowledge of current management accounting techniques within traditional and emerging organizational contexts.

The 39 cases are designed to build case analysis skills and allow sufficient time to focus on in-depth consideration. As a result, the cases are brief -- one to six pages each - and integrative with an average of three management accounting techniques to be applied in each case.

In addition, Current Trends, 6e includes a thorough description of the judgment required in case analysis, providing students with instruction in applying the case approach and has integrated the information technology context in many of the cases used.

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Key Features

Case Analysis development

With shorter cases, this text is ideal for teaching analysis skills and is adaptable to any course level. Specific chapters guide the student through the rudimentary stages of case skills to an understanding of the application case approach and the marking of cases.

Contemporary Techniques

Many cases incorporate the role of information technology in management accounting, specifically the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. Each case explores the codes and benefits of systems like ERP versus traditional systems. This provides students with a mechanism to master contemporary organizational issues.

New to this Edition

New Cases - Current Trends, 6e introduces 6 new cases exploring contemporary accounting techniques.

Three new chapters that provide instruction on mastering the case approach.

Table of Contents   top




SECTION I:   The Case Approach


CHAPTER 1 Developing Judgment

CHAPTER 2 Learning Management Accounting Case Analysis

CHAPTER 3 A Practice Case and Insights into Marking .



SECTION II:   Management Accounting Cases


CASE 1 Atcom Manufacturing

CASE 2 Bert The Baker

CASE 3 Binson’s Country Markets

CASE 4 Brights Lodging and Travel

CASE 5 CCP Publishers

CASE 6 Clearwater Small Appliances

CASE 7 Coffee Maker Supreme.

CASE 8 Consolidated Pump

CASE 9 Construction Equipment Manufacturing

CASE 10 Container Plastics

CASE 11 Corral Recycling

CASE 12 Dennison Manufacturing International

CASE 13 Dental Office

CASE 14 Digital-Imaging Robots

CASE 15 Dindal Air Conditioners

CASE 16 Do-It-Yourself Building Centres

CASE 17 Electronic Process Equipment

CASE 18 Foodco Restaurants

CASE 19 Fusion Computing

CASE 20 Government Services

CASE 21 Harry Rosen

CASE 22 Home Renovations

CASE 23 Inner Streets Youth Drama Association.

CASE 24 King Coal

CASE 25 Major Electronics

CASE 26 Modern Chair

CASE 27 Pasta, etc. Family Restaurants.

CASE 28 Persaud Products

CASE 29 Precious Metals

CASE 30 Queensview University

CASE 31 Quest Manufacturing

CASE 32 RJ Appliance Recycling

CASE 33 Royal Trust

CASE 34 Royal Wood

CASE 35 SBS Books

CASE 36 Singh Brothers Lawn Services

CASE 37 Southern Computer Machines

CASE 38 Upper Canada Wood Stoves

CASE 39 Yoour University


Instructor Resources   top

The book comes with an Instructor's Manual that contains solutions to each case in the book. This includes Notes to the Instructor, a summary of the issues, analysis, recommendations and a marking guide.

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Gary Spraakman (Ph. D. Accounting) has written a few books and many refereed articles relating to management accounting and pedagogy. His 2015 book, entitled, Management Accounting at the Hudson’s Bay Company: From Pen Quill to Digitization, was published as volume 17 in Emerald’s Studies in the Development of Accounting Thought. His non-academic background ranges from a financial analyst at a brokerage firm to director of productivity in  government department. In the academic field, Gary has lectured at several universities in Canada and spent sabbaticals at universities in Australia and New Zealand. He is now Professor of Management Accounting and Associate Dean Students at York University's Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies.