Introduction to Public Law: Readings on the Law, State, and Citizen
Canadian Legal Studies Series

Nick E. Milanovic    (Ed.)

Captus Press, ISBN 978-1-55322-300-9 (2015)
312 pages, 720 g, 8.5 X 11, $39.75 (US$31.75)

Introduction to Public Law: Readings on the Law, State, and Citizen is a collection of readings and commentary on selected aspects of the Canadian public law and the state. Building on the companion volume, Introduction to Public Law: Readings on the Law, State & Constitution, which addresses basic constitutional concepts and the evolution of Canadian federalism, this volume looks at theoretical aspects of the Canadian state, its administrative law, Charter and other civil liberties dimensions, its relationship to Aboriginal rights, and its broader international law context.


Selected current materials cover topics such as tribunal proceedings, the sponsorship scandal, security, and the United Nations, and include key recent Supreme Court of Canada decisions such as Harkart, PHS Community Services Society, Bedford, and Tsilhqot’in Nation.


Both volumes are suitable for students in introductory public law or political science courses.


This volume retains the most important materials from Introduction to Public Law: Readings on the State, the Administrative Process, and Basic Values, 6e.


Key Features

This text is easily adaptable to any course length and level. Many of the chapters allow for continuity even when not used in exact order.

User friendly
The language and format of the text is easily read and understood. With notes at the start of each chapter to assist in contextualizing and identifying critical learning points.


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Introductory Note by David W. Elliott


1 Law, State, and Social Goals and Techniques

(a)  Social Goals and the State  David W. Elliott

(b)  Leviathan  Thomas Hobbes

(c)  The Second Treatise on Civil Government  John Locke

(d)  On Liberty; Representative Government  J.S. Mill

(e)  Writings in Sociology and Social Philosophy  Karl Marx

(f)  Economy and Society: An Outline of Interpretive Sociology  Max Weber

(g)  Rights and Social Movements Counter-Hegemonic Strategies  Alan Hunt

(h)  General Idea of the Revolution in the Nineteenth Century  Pierre-Joseph Proudhon


2 Administrative Law Structure and Action

(a)  Administrative Law Structure and Action  David W. Elliott

(b)  “Mechanical Arts and Merchandise”: Canadian Public Administration in the New Economy  H.W. Arthurs

(c)  The Economics of Government Regulation: Theory and Canadian Practice  John C. Strick.

(d)  The Westray Story: A Predictable Path to Disaster  Justice K. Peter Richard.

(e)  Lessons of Walkerton

 (f)  Rules vs. Adjudication  J. Jowell

(g)  The Mandarins Acquiesce  François Perreault


3 Non-Judicial and Judicial Control

(a)  Control  David W. Elliott

(b)  Tribunals and Control at the IRB  Peter Showler

(c)  British Columbia Development Corp. v. British Columbia (Ombudsman)

(d)  Caught in the Act  André Marin

(e)  Roncarelli v. Duplessis

(f)  The Sponsorship Scandal and the Accountability Act: A Cautionary Tale of Control  David W. Elliott


4 Judicial Review and Procedural Control

(a)  Judicial Review and Procedural Control  David W. Elliott

(b)  Re Nicholson and Haldimand-Norfolk Regional Board of Commissioners of Police

(c)  Re Singh and Minister of Employment and Immigration and Six Other Appeals

(d)  Baker v. Canada (Minister of Citizenship and Immigration).

(e)  Congrégation des témoins de Jéhovah de St-Jérôme-Lafontaine v. Lafontaine (Village)


5 Substantive Review

(a)  Substantive Review  David W. Elliott

(b)  Transition to Post-Modern Substantive Review  David W. Elliott

(c)  Dunsmuir v. New Brunswick


6 Theory, Problems, and Reform

(a)  Reform Challenges  David W. Elliott

(b)  Four Views on the Role and Rule of Law  David W. Elliott

(c)  Statutory Powers Procedure Act

(d)  Unjust by Design  Ron Ellis


7 Basic Values and Their Protection

(a)  Basic Values and Their Protection  David W. Elliott

(b)  A Democratic Approach to Civil Liberties  Peter H. Russell

(c)  Democracy and Rule of Law  A.C. Hutchinson and P. Monahan

(d)  The Legalization of Politics in Advanced Capitalism  H. Glasbeek and M. Mandel

(e)  Canada (Citizenship and Immigration) v. Harkat


8 Scope and Interpretation of the Charter

(a)  Scope and Interpretation of the Charter, and Judicial Activism  David W. Elliott

(b)  Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

(c)  B.C. Motor Vehicles Reference

(d)  Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union, Local 580 v. Dolphin Delivery Ltd.

(e)  Eldridge v. British Columbia (A.G.) and Medical Services Commission

(f)  Policy-Making Trends on the Supreme Court  Donald R. Songer


9 Fundamental Freedoms and Fundamental Justice

(a)  Fundamental Freedoms and Fundamental Justice  David W. Elliott

(b)  R. v. Big M Drug Mart Ltd. et al.

(c)  Ford v. Quebec (A.G.)

(d)  Irwin Toy Ltd. v. Quebec (A.G.)

(e)  Freedom of Expression after Irwin Toy  David W. Elliott

(f)  Re Singh and Minister of Employment and Immigration  David W. Elliott

(g)  B.C. Motor Vehicles Reference  David W. Elliott

(h)  Canada (Attorney General) v. PHS Community Services Society

(i)  Canada (Attorney General) v. Bedford


10 Equality

(a)  Equality and the Charter  David W. Elliott

(b)  Andrews v. Law Society of British Columbia

(c)  Andrews Legacy  David W. Elliott

(d)  Eldridge v. British Columbia (A.G.) and Medical Services Commission

(e)  Vriend v. Alberta

 (f)  Law v. Canada (Minister of Employment and Immigration)

(g)  R. v. Kapp

(h)  Reference re Same-Sex Marriage


11 Group Rights

(a)  Individual and Group Rights  David W. Elliott

(b)  Labour and the Charter: An Evolving Narrative  David W. Elliott

(c)  Aboriginal Rights  David W. Elliott

(d)  Extracts from Aboriginal Constitutional Provisions

(e)  Delgamuukw v. British Columbia

(f)  Haida Nation v. British Columbia (Minister of Forests)

(g)  Tsilhqot’in Nation v. British Columbia


12 Public International Law

(a)  Note on Nature and Sources of Public International Law  David W. Elliott

(b)  The United Nations  David W. Elliott

(c)  Charter of the United Nations

(d)  Statute of the International Court of Justice

(e)  Canada (A.G.) v. Ontario (A.G.)

(f)  Globalization, Governance, and the State  David W. Elliott

(g)  Reference Re Secession of Quebec

(h)  Is Kosovo’s Unilateral Declaration of Independence in Accordance with  International Law?

(i)  Other Extracts on International Law and Secession  David W. Elliott


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