Legal Issues In Electronic Commerce, 4e
Canadian Legal Studies Series

Lynn Campbell    (Ed.)

Captus Press, ISBN 978-1-55322-285-9 (2013)
586 pages, 1350 g, 8.5 X 11, $74.50 (US$59.50)

Legal Issues in Electronic Commerce is a collection of published materials, including articles, legislations, and cases. Designed to encourage readers to understand and analyze issues that surround e-commerce with an open mind- a necessity for a landless, rapidly changing technological world, the book looks at e-commerce from the perspectives of various disciplines: economics, geography, sociology, psychological, political, and statistical. Offering readers an understanding of the interest and expectations of these disciplines, the book proceeds to introduce important legal issues surrounding e-commerce: regulation, jurisdiction, domain name registrations, government support, contract issues, and consumer issues are thoroughly covered. Carefully selected, materials in this fourth edition offer readers the latest legal developments in e-commerce, an ever-expanding and increasingly critical element to our daily life.

New in this edition:

  • New material in internet retailing, internet search results, online consumer experience, and Net-Neutrality Regulation.
  • All new articles under the topic of government support, and statistical challenges.
  • All new consumer issues section expanded by: privacy, spam and copyright.

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R. Lynn Campbell, LL.B. (Western), LL.M. (London), of the Bar of Ontario, JD (Western), is currently a Professor in the Department of Law at Carleton University. He teaches business enterprise frameworks and legal issues in electronic commerce. His current research includes the fiduciary duties of a director, and internet commercial and privacy issues.