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The Artist

Editor's Comments

Lessons from Experience

CANDO Award Winners
Sara Cardinal and Shelley Morin

Profile of Effective Practice: Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata Centre
Brendan Reimer

Lessons from Research

Integrating Environmental and Social Sustainability: Corporations and Aboriginal People and the Mackenzie Valley Pipeline
Robert B. Anderson and Robert M. Bone

Culture and Power in the Workplace: Aboriginal Women’s Perspectives on Practices to Increase Aboriginal Inclusion in Forest Processing Mills
Suzanne Mills and Tyler McCreary

Community-Based Adult Education: Access for Aboriginal Residents in the Inner-City of Saskatoon
Frank Deer

Strong Policies, Poor Outcomes: Longitudinal Analysis of Forest Sector Contributions to Aboriginal Communities in Canada
John R. Parkins, Richard C. Stedman, Mike N. Patriquin, and Mike Burns

Mining Agreements and Aboriginal Economic Development in Australia and Canada
Ciaran O’Faircheallaigh

Concluding Thoughts.