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The Artist John Tenasco
Artist’s Statement

Tribute to Dr. John Loxley CANDO

Editor's Comments
Wanda Wuttunee

Lessons from Experience

Wanda Wuttunee

2019 Economic Developer of the Year Award Winners
Sam Laskaris

Constructing Capacity: Barriers, Tactics, and Conditions for CED as Described by Aki Energy CEO Darcy Wood
Van Penner

Strategic Leadership: Kelly Lendsay, CEO of Indigenous Works
Lucas Robinson

The Driver Education and Licensing Project at Sipekne’katik First Nation
Fred Wien and Stephanie Doucet

Indigenous Talent Management
Jake Tourand

Stéphane Pattyn, Métis Entrepreneur: Leading with Character
Zac Cumming

Triumph: Brenda Parsons, Indigenous Entrepreneur
Carter Russell

Reconciling Inuit Elders’ Long-Term Care Needs
Mark Macneill

Empowering Indigenous-Owned Renewable Energy: David Isaac, W Dusk Group
Braden Turman

The Aboriginal Chamber of Commerce: Business Community Spirit
Keegan Slijker

Nations Prosperity in Canadian Agriculture and Food:
Navigating the Opportunities and Challenges in One of Canada’s Biggest Industries
Jesse Robson

Lessons from Research

David Newhouse

A Modern Annuity for Canada — Concrete Reconciliation
Gregory Mason, Sheilla Jones, and Wayne Helgason

Building Better Together: Exploring Indigenous Economic Development in New Brunswick Report
Tyler Foley

International Indigenous Business and Trade and the Role of Culture: A Comparison between Aotearoa Maori and Alaska Native Enterprises
Jason Paul Mika and Betty M.E. Ross

Indigenous Business Support Services: A Case Study of the Quebec Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Canada
Émilie Fortin-Lefebvre and Sofiane Baba

The State of the Aboriginal Economy

Robert Oppenheimer

A Review of Unemployment, Employment, Participation, and Wage Rates for Aboriginals and Non-Aboriginals — 2007-2019
Robert J. Oppenheimer