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The Artist Kassia Ward
Artist’s Statement

Editor's Comments
Warren Weir

Lessons from Experience

Wanda Wuttunee

2018 Economic Developer of the Year Award Winners
Sam Laskaris

Understanding Manitoba’s Growing Indigenous Economy
Ryan Johnson

Leadership and Followership
Catherine T. Kwantes

Lessons from Research

David Newhouse

The Emerging Indigenous Language Economy: Labour Market Demand for Indigenous Language Skills in the Upper Great Lakes
Sean Meades, Deb Pine, and Gayle Broad

Indigenous Collaboration for Leadership Development: A Canadian Example
Lyle Benson and Rickard Enström

International Indigenous Business and Trade and the Role of Culture: A Comparison between Aotearoa Maori and Alaska Native Enterprises
Jason Paul Mika and Betty M.E. Ross

Discovering the Meaning of Leadership: A Canadian First Nations Exploration
Catherine T. Kwantes & Twiladawn Stonefish

The State of the Aboriginal Economy

Robert Oppenheimer

Unemployment, Employment, and Wage Rates Continued to Improve for Aboriginals in 2018
Robert J. Oppenheimer