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The Artist Rebecca Dunnett
Artist’s Statement —

Editor's Comments
Warren Weir

Lessons from Experience

Wanda Wuttunee

2016 Economic Developer of the Year Award Winners
Jocelyn Turner

Aki Energy: A Case Study of Aboriginal Social Enterprise
Ashley Richard

Jamie Wilson: Today’s Indigenous Powerhouse Leader
Crystal Swan

Contextualizing Lessons Learned from Sharing Knowledge-Building Relationships:
Aboriginal Experiences in the Cross-Cultural Workplace

Catherine T. Kwantes, Twiladawn Stonefish, Wendi L. Adair, and Warren Weir

Marilyn Courchene: An Indigenous Leader Focusing On Wellness
Marida Brown

Stronger Together: First Nation Community/Municipality Collaborations
Wanda Wuttunee

Lessons from Research

David Newhouse

Conversations about Aboriginal Work Experiences: Reflections for Community Members, Organizations, and the Academy
Wendi L. Adair, Catherine T. Kwantes, Twiladawn Stonefish, Ruxandra Badea, and Warren Weir

Corporate Agricultural Investment in First Nation Reserves in Canada: The Case of One Earth Farms
David C. Natcher and Tom Allen

“What About the Salmon?” A Critical Analysis of the Pacific Northwest LNG Project in British Columbia
Hillary A. Beattie

Aboriginal Workplace Integration in Northern Canada
Hayley Hesseln and Heather Hall

In Defence of Indigenous Participation in Capitalism: How Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation Demands Rights and Resources from the Liberal Democratic Settler-State while also Challenging the Imposition of Colonial Rule
L. Javed Sommers

Indigenous Conceptions of Well-Being: Rejecting Poverty, Pursuing Mino-Bimaadiziwin
Jeffrey S. Denis, Gérard Duhaime, and David Newhouse

The State of the Aboriginal Economy

Robert Oppenheimer

Aboriginal Employment and Wages in Canada: A Decade of Positives and Negative
Robert J. Oppenheimer

The Geographic Dispersion of Aboriginals in Quebec and Its Economic Limitations
Charles-Albert Ramsay