Legal Issues In Electronic Commerce, 4e
Lynn Campbell (Ed.)

ISBN 978-1-55322-285-9 (2013)
$74.50 (US$59.50)

Criminal Law & Procedure: Proof, Defences, and Beyond, 5e
Jennie Abell, Elizabeth Sheehy  

ISBN 978-1-55322-296-5 (2014)
$62.50 (US$50.00)

Consumer Law, 3e
Cases and Materials
Margaret Ogilvie(Ed.)

ISBN 978-1-55322-156-2 (2007)
$62.25 (US$49.75)

Just Between the Law and Us: Persons and Property, 2e
Persons and Property
Neil Sargent & Logan Atkinson (Eds.)

ISBN 978-1-55322-348-1 (2016)
$47.00 (US$37.60)

Judicial Control of Administrative Action, 5e
David Elliott(Ed.)

ISBN 978-1-55322-231-6 (2011)
$46.50 (US$37.25)

Critical Thinking
Jen McRobert
Business Law in Canada
Laurence Olivo


Readings in Law and Society, 8e


Tort Theory


Families and the Law, Second Edition
Mary Jane Mossman, Natasha Bakht  

ISBN 978-1-55322-333-7 (2015)
$95.50 (US$76.50)

Obligations in Private Law
Brettel Dawson (Ed.)

ISBN 978-1-55322-252-1 (2012)
$57.25 (US$45.75)

Environmental Law and Policy in the Canadian Context
Allan Greenbaum Alex Wellington 

ISBN 978-1-55322-171-5 (2010)
$65.95 (US$52.75)

Introduction to Law in Canada
Laurence Olivo  (Ed.)

Women, Law and Social Change, 5e
Core Readings and Current Issues
Brettel Dawson (Ed.)

ISBN 978-1-55322-157-9 (2009)
$67.50 (US$54.00)

Accountability of Corporate Management
Lynn Campbell (Ed.)

ISBN 978-1-55322-276-7 (2013)
$72.50 (US$58.00)

Introduction to Public Law: Readings on the Law, State, and Citizen
on the Law, State, and Citizen
Nick E. Milanovic (Ed.)

ISBN 978-1-55322-300-9 (2015)
$39.75 (US$31.75)


Internet Law in Canada, 3e
Michael Geist

ISBN 978-1-55322-047-3 (2002)
$56.00 (US$44.75)

Law and Aboriginal Peoples in Canada, 5e
David Elliott

ISBN 978-1-55322-095-4 (2005)
$51.75 (US$41.50)

Banking Law, 5e
Cases and Materials
Margaret Ogilvie (Ed.)

ISBN 978-1-55322-320-7 (2015)
$62.50 (US$50.00)

Introduction to Public Law: Readings on the Law, State & Constitution
Nick E. Milanovic (Ed.)

ISBN 978-1-55322-335-1 (2015)
$45.50 (US$36.50)

Introduction to Legal Studies, V.1, 1e
Kazmierski, Tasson, Bromwich (Eds.)

ISBN 978-1-55322-375-7 (2018)
$33.00 (US$26.40)

Just Between the Law and Us: Obligations, 2e
Neil Sargent, Alberto Salazar, & Logan Atkinson (Eds.)    

ISBN 978-1-55322-354-2 (2017)
$41.25 (US$33.00)

Publications for Law and Legal Studies programs
Online multimedia learning content can be used as a standalone Internet Course or as a dynamic supplement to traditional in-class instruction.  All content contains a full set of multimedia lectures, progress quizzes and many other interactive tools.

Criminal Law & Procedure: Cases, Context, Critique, 5e
Jennie Abell, Elizabeth Sheehy , Natasha Bakht 

ISBN 978-1-55322-264-4 (2012)
$59.50 (US$47.50)

Persons and Property in Private Law, 2e
Brettel Dawson (Ed.)

ISBN 978-1-55322-286-6 (2013)
$56.75 (US$45.50)

Canadian Issues in Environmental Law and Policy
Allan Greenbaum (Eds.)

ISBN 978-1-55322-201-9 (2009)
$57.75 (US$46.25)

Small Claims Court Practice and Procedure in Ontario, 2e
Laurence Olivo & DeeAnn Gonsalves    

ISBN 978-1-55322-385-6 (2019)
$98.75 (US$79.00)

Paralegals and Tribunal Practice and Procedure, 3e
Irv Ash  

ISBN 978-1-55322-297-2 (2016)
$62.00 (US$49.50)


Publications for Paralegal, Law Clerk, and Legal Assistant programs