Case Studies in Public Management and Administration
James C. Simeon  

ISBN 978-1-55322-196-8 (2009)
$28.25 (US$28.25)

Leading and Managing Dynamic Groups, 4e
Hedley Dimock, Raye Kass

ISBN 978-1-55322-180-7 (2008)
$12.50 (US$12.50)

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How to Observe Your Group, 4e
Hedley Dimock, Raye Kass   

ISBN 978-1-55322-137-1 (2007)
$10.50 (US$10.50)

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Dimock Series of Books on Groups

All titles are less than $13.00!

Canada and the New World Economic Order, 3e
Tom Wesson (Ed.) 

ISBN 978-1-55322-063-3 (2007)
$49.50 (US$39.50)

Fundamentals of Economics for Business, 2e
David Barrows, John Smithin

ISBN 978-1-55322-175-3 (2009)
$54.00 (US$43.25)

Business Case Analysis Process

Successful Restaurant Strategies

The New Public Management

Aboriginal Entrepreneurship and Business Development
Robert Anderson

ISBN 978-1-896691-70-1 (2002)
$44.00 (US$35.20)

Between Public and Private
Readings and Cases on Canada's Mixed Economy
Diane Jurkowski, George Eaton (Eds.) 

ISBN 978-1-55322-059-6 (2003)
$46.75 (US$37.50)

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Business History, 2e
Canada in the Global Community
John Dwyer

ISBN 978-1-55322-006-0 (2000)
$49.50 (US$39.50)

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Organizational Behaviour, 7e
Canadian Cases and Exercises
Randy Hoffman
, Fred Ruemper

ISBN 978-1-55322-229-3 (2010)
$30.50 (US$24.40)

The Strategic Challenge
From Serfdom to Surfing in the Global Village
Charles McMillan

ISBN 978-1-55322-136-4 (2007)
$68.25 (US$54.50)

Corporate Finance

Introduction to Human Resources Management

Introduction to Organizational Behaviour

New Venture and Small Business Management

Training and Development

Aboriginal Entrepreneurship and Business Development

Business Law in Canada

Introduction to Business and Management

Introduction to Management Accounting

Business and Government in Canada

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